Pecker is now available in Early Access!
You are Pecker, a birdlike creature with a bendable beak. Poke into a wall, bend your beak and catapult yourself upwards! Using this technique you climb through numerous levels filled with puzzles and some enemies. Alone or with up to 3 friends (local splitscreen), climb, puzzle and overcome enemies.
Bold Head Announces Under The Mushroom!
Immerse yourself in the ultimate 3D platformer and bullet-hell mix! Escape the ever-approaching chasm by parkouring through the surreal world of Under the Mushroom and brace yourself for an intense experience where every jump and dodge counts.
Germinal is Released!
Help Greg stay healthy during an epidemic as he jumps, hovers and cleans his way through quarantine with his disinfectant jetpack. Witness his developing mysophobia* express itself in the increasingly difficult game play, and replay the game to master the mechanics or search for more story bits.
Our Latest News
Pecker Update Ver. 0.5.51 Now Live!
Winged friends!Our first update after the Early Access brings numerous small and large additions to the game. Thank you very much for your feedback and great support! Here are the detailed patch notes: Archievements:Added 3 New Achievements: Collect 100 silver coins (with progress), discover a secret area, collect a golden plank. Physics:– Boxes in Cardboard...
Meet us at the Indie Game Fest in Cologne on 31.05. and 01.06., play Pecker, chat with us and pick up some loot. Or come to the Indie Campus on 02.06. and listen to us give a talk. We look forward to seeing you at the event!
Pecker enters Early Access
After years of solo development, Pecker finally enters Early Access today. We want to make Pecker a better game, and the little bird needs your help: We’ll be using Early Access over the next few months to collect your feedback, hunt down bugs and discuss features that we have in mind and that you would...
See The New Announcement Trailer For PECKER
Enjoy our new announcement trailer for our upcoming cozy 3D platformer game PECKER
We are Bold Head Interactive. An indie publisher from Germany. We want to be the antithesis to everything that is going wrong in the industry: We work sustainably, we respect our devs as equal partners, we take care of physical and mental health, we offer fair contracts and compensation. We publish games because we love them, not because we want to make quick profits for some stakeholder. And yes, that is a bold statement. But that's our motto: Be Bold - Make Games. Oh and by the way: Our founder is bald. So yes, it's also a pun.
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