New Update for Pecker

Thanks to feedback from the community, the developer of Pecker has been able to make numerous minor improvements and bug fixes, which can now also be found in the demo:

  • Checkpoint” popup when collecting P-E-C-K-E-R letters to let the player know it IS in fact a checkpoint
  • Squash&Stretch of the bird got improved to be more wiggly but also reduced intensity as it felt off to some people.
  • Added a new Gate next to the collectible gold-key and added sounds to the other gates when opening/closing.
  • Fixed the loading screen display being stuck for seconds
  • Added big egg-like structures and some more plants and decoration
  • Fixed the turtles dialog-window not popping up
  • Music can no longer get stuck at the “Drum-Roll” if you die and respawn in the very beginning
  • Improved performance by connecting the shadow QUALITY setting to the shadow DISTANCE as well
  • Silver coins now have an icon in the top-left corner
Now In Early Access!
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