Bold Head Interactive Unveils “Under The Mushroom”

Bold Head Interactive is thrilled to announce its latest venture into the world of indie gaming with the upcoming release of “Under The Mushroom,” slated for launch in 2024.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate 3D platformer and bullet-hell mix! Escape the ever-approaching chasm by parkouring through the surreal world of Under the Mushroom and brace yourself for an intense experience where every jump and dodge counts.

Rediscover the Arcade:
Under the Mushroom takes what made arcades so good in the first place, and repackages it in a modern 3D bullet-hell twist.

Bullet-Hell Madness:
Prepare yourself for intense bullet-hell mechanics that will make even seasoned players sweat. Navigate through barrages of neon bullets and weave through intricate patterns; and do so in the condensed arenas, or in the free outside area.

Challenge and Leaderboard:
Compete with friends (or foes) for a spot on the leaderboards. Prove that you live closer to the edge by beating levels faster and more stylish than them.
Each level is designed with challenging enemies, hidden secrets, and a boss that will test your skills!

Now In Early Access!
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