We are Bold Head Interactive. An indie publisher from Germany. We want to be the antithesis to everything that is going wrong in the industry: We work sustainably, we respect our devs as equal partners, we take care of physical and mental health, we offer fair contracts and compensation. We publish games because we love them, not because we want to make quick profits for some stakeholder. And yes, that is a bold statement. But that’s our motto: Be Bold – Make Games. Oh and by the way: Our founder is bald. So yes, it’s also a pun.

Our Services

We see ourselves as an a-la-cart service provider and partner. Devs can use all services or an individual selection, depending on what they need:

  • Game Publishing Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Project Financing
  • Co-Development Services
  • Porting Services
  • Professional Consulting
  • Usability and QA Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Trade Show Support
  • Localizations
  • Music Services
  • Voice acting services
  • Merchandising
  • Community Building & Management
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