Pecker Patch Notes Ver. 0.5.51

– Added 3 New Achievements: Collect 100 silver coins (with progress), discover a secret area, collect a golden plank.

– Boxes in Cardboard Land now push you away properly
– Fixed Explosive Barrel throwing you too far
– Fog in CastleTower level had a collider by accident, removed that.
– Fixed rarely being able to run on very steep surfaces that should only be used for climbing
– Added a walljump mechanic (a single jump, resets when you touch ground)

– Speedrun overlay Performance Improvement, no garbage collection and skips work when not visible, but updating time (but not text)
– Grass System Performance Improvement (less Garbage Collection & reusing ComputerBuffers)
– Adjustments to Shadows to improve Performance

– GoldPlank and Secret Areas now have Celebration Sound, Golden Plank got Particle Effect
– Enhanced “Inventory” Coins display font
– Created Level-End-Screen with nice background and statistics, showing stuff you collected and how many jumps/pecks you used etc.
– Created a new UI transition between levels

– Fixed Music Loop in level 1
– Fixed UI Sounds being muted after pausing the game for the first time
– Added more dynamic Music Adaption (Moods) to level 1
– Added Music to level 2
– Added music to main menu

– Fixed eyes sticking out of peckers back for one frame when pecking into a surface
– Fixed eyelid color on skins (for example orange eyelids on blue skin)

– Disabled Enemy-Locking (ALT or R3) because it flickered and isn’t ready yet, will be reintroduced when combat is overhauled
– Fixed enemy knockback, as it could push enemies into the ground
– Added skull icon when you defeat an enemy, as the “dying” animation itself didn’t look very convincing
– Enemies now *poof* away after being defeated. Before, they could block coins or entries with their immovable body

– Improved Controller Vibration, Controller1 no longer vibrates when P2 (or any) Player should vibrate.
– Added Vibration to death effect

– Fixed Crossfading on Ivy
– Re-painted the path in level 2 because the mesh got changed and the vertex colors were gone

– Hats no longer score goals in the soccer minigame, items no longer score multiple points

– Added various translations, also for Lockpicking tutorial (Thanks to zuckerwattem)

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