Pecker Update Ver. 0.5.51 Now Live!

Winged friends!
Our first update after the Early Access brings numerous small and large additions to the game. Thank you very much for your feedback and great support!

Here are the detailed patch notes:

Added 3 New Achievements: Collect 100 silver coins (with progress), discover a secret area, collect a golden plank.

– Boxes in Cardboard Land now push you away properly
– Fixed Explosive Barrel throwing you too far
– Fog in CastleTower level had a collider by accident, removed that.
– Fixed rarely being able to run on very steep surfaces that should only be used for climbing
– Added a walljump mechanic (a single jump, resets when you touch ground)

– Speedrun overlay Performance Improvement, no garbage collection and skips work when not visible, but updating time (but not text)
– Grass System Performance Improvement (less Garbage Collection & reusing ComputerBuffers)
– Adjustments to Shadows to improve Performance

– GoldPlank and Secret Areas now have Celebration Sound, Golden Plank got Particle Effect
– Enhanced “Inventory” Coins display font
– Created Level-End-Screen with nice background and statistics, showing stuff you collected and how many jumps/pecks you used etc.
– Created a new UI transition between levels

– Fixed Music Loop in lvl1
– Fixed UI Sounds being muted after pausing the game for the first time
– Added more dynamic Music Adaption (Moods) to lvl1
– Added Music to lvl2
– Added music to MainMenu!

– Fixed eyes sticking out of peckers back for one frame when pecking into a surface
– Fixed eyelid color on skins (for example orange eyelids on blue skin)

– Disabled Enemy-Locking (ALT or R3) because it flickered and isn’t ready yet, will be reintroduced when combat is overhauled
– Fixed enemy knockback, as it could push enemies into the ground
– Added skull icon when you defeat an enemy, as the “dying” animation itself didn’t look very convincing
– Enemies now *poof* away after being defeated. Before, they could block coins or entries with their immovable body

– Improved Controller Vibration, Controller1 no longer vibrates when P2 (or any) Player should vibrate.
– Added Vibration to death effect

– Fixed Crossfading on Ivy
– Re-painted the path in lvl2 because the mesh got changed and the vertex colors were gone

– Hats no longer score goals in football minigame, items no longer score multiple points

– Added various translations, also for Lockpicking tutorial (Thanks to zuckerwattem)

Enjoy the improvements and stay tuned: We are already working on the next update!

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